Hordge-Freeman received a pilot grant to work in collaboration with Edlin Veras to collect data with nearly 100 Afro-Latinxs in order to examine their experiences with racialization, colorism and ethno-racial identity formation.

Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth and Edlin Veras. Becoming Afro-Latinx: Embodied Racial Capital, Socialization, and Afro Latinx Identity Formation (in progress)

Veras, Edlin and Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, “I look the part, but I don’t know the scripts”: Experiences of Racialization and Marginalization Among Afro-Latinos (in progress)

Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth and Edlin Veras. Racial Transitions & Transitioning Hair: Hair as Embodied Resistance and Anti-Racism (in progress)